Mobile & Web development,
Startup Consulting

  • Web-development based on Symfony / PHP
  • Startup development, prototyping
  • High-load optimization (redis, mongo, rabbitmq etc.)
  • Consulting & team management

We use Symfony as a main framework for our projects, and follow its standards and guidelines. We are also an official SensioLabs partner.



Centrallo is an application for those who want to be better organized. It’s a simple and a free way to centralize and prioritize your life. Create notes and share them with your personal and professional networks, using the most popular services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Manage your time, set priorities and focus on what matters most.

We have completed more than 120 screens for iOS, Android and Web version. 30+ new icons were also created.

Industry Index

DMR's Industry Index allows marketers to quickly and easily find the best technology solutions. It combines expert assessments with objective ratings, giving a researcher a complete picture of the industry, so that marketers can focus on moving the business forward.

Marketers are usually asked to quickly find and sucessfully implement the most effective technology solution. But it is never an easy job to follow all the changes in the fast-moving digital world. What are the differences between the technologies and how to find out which one is better? These questions may lead to hours of wasted time and resources.
Built with the marketers, DMR’s Industry Index is the only database that contains data of companies, focused on innovative technologies. Digital marketers can also rely on the Industry Index to find out who stands out across the advertising technology landscape, based on various criteries.

Gillette promo website

This social promo website is created to promote new Gillettes producs. It consists of a lot of different modules: news, forum, Youtube integration, client-server protocol for flash games, high-load optimization (more than 2.000.000 visitors per week).


Symfony 1.4, PHP 5.2, MySQL.


Profi.Travel — a social network for russian booking companies. B2B oriented service with a strong geo-based functionality, focused on a content delivery.

Server-side development, technology consulting, in-app mails.


Symfony2 + PHP 5.5, MySQL, redis.

Mobile Apps

We have completed 10+ mobile applications for iOS and Android.
All applications were delivered on time.