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Groupdolists, powered by Centrallo, a cross-platform SaaS solution built for security operations and emergency management teams responsible for protecting employees and assets. Developed to simplify crisis response team coordination and recovery, Groupdolists instantly creates a common operating picture that harmonizes processes and procedures across any organization.

Key features of Groupdolists include the capability to:
— Digitize and activate standard and emergency operating procedures;
— Add tasks containing files, links, photos, videos, comments, and due dates;
— Instantly push procedures and tasks into response team's devices;
— See completed and pending tasks in real-time on any device;
— Create a view-only link option so that leadership and third-parties can track progress;
— Generate reports for forensic analysis/audit/after-action.

  • What we did:
    Website, Backend, iOS App, Android App
  • Technology stack:
    Symfony, PHP, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Clickhouse, React, Redux, Docker, Objective-C, Android, ElasticSearch
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