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About Us

For over ten years we've been designing and developing excellent products.
We introduce not just the code into the project, but all our expertise that is useful during the product lifecycle.
This is why we are impressively successful year by year.
  • Who we are
    4xxi's expertise has helped create successful start-ups and solved complex problems for more established mature organisations by building mobile and web applications.

    We are developers. We do not like bureaucracy and we do not play politics. We simply do our job and do it well, as our clients all testify. Each product we build we consider as our own.

    4xxi is among the world’s top-10 companies in the Symfony development quality rating, and in the top-10 Russian companies that work with React.

    We provide both technical and product expertise for our clients. That’s why the start-ups we have helped build so far have raised in excess of $100M in funding and gone on to build significant revenues streams and shareholder value.

Our Team

Senior Management

  • Evgeny Smirnov
    Founder, CEO
    12+ years in development
    7+ years in FinTech
    PhD in Math&Astronomy
  • Alex Beshkenadze
    Co-Founder, VP
    12+ years in development
    7+ years in frontend&mobile
    Master of E-Commerce
  • Maxim Kuznetsov
    8+ years in development
    5+ years in FinTech
    Master of Math
  • Egor Tomilin
    8+ years in development
    6+ years in FinTech
    Master of Economics
  • Nigel Hopkinson
    UK Director
    Leadership roles at IBM&SAS
    CEO of 2 Fintechs
  • Mariya Tereshkova
    Art Director
    11+ years of design experience
    4+ years Art-Director
  • Nastya Mokhovikova
    VP of QA
    7+ years in QA
    3+ years QA Lead
  • Alexey Syrkovsky
    VP of Management
    8+ years in IT
    6+ years in management
  • Evgeny Scherbak
    VP of Sales
    8+ years in sales
    $50M annual turnover

Why Do Our Clients Love Us?

You send us an idea
We estimate the time and money we need to turn your idea into a superproduct
After we agree on everything, we discuss the flexible payment terms
We develop your superproduct (and do even more than promised)
You are incredibly happy with the final product and start receiving awards, prizes, and publications
You get a huge number of customers, beat off investors, and we continue to improve the product together
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High-quality products for our clients are the most important thing for us, and no award has ever been a goal.
But sometimes rewards feel good.