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Machine Learning & Math

Development of high-tech solutions using machine learning and higher maths algorithms.
Creation of complicated products at the junction of the latest achievements of science and technology.
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We are not afraid of complicated technological tasks:
  • [BD] Big Data
  • [M] Mathematics
  • [AI] Artifical Intelligence
  • [ML] Machine Learning
  • [PR] Pattern Recognition
  • [NN] Neural Networks
  • [DL] Deep Learning
  • [NA] Numerical Analysis
  • [FSM] Finite-State Machines


We have a most comprehensive list of areas we are interested in.
  • ML in Financial Services
    ○ Robo-advisors
    ○ Recommendation engines
    ○ Automatic fraud detection
    ○ Predictive analytics
    ○ Voice recognition
    ○ Algorithms to assess loan risk
    ○ Smart online trading platforms
  • ML in Education
    ○ Intelligent tutor systems (ITS)
    ○ Providing differentiation on a scale not possible with a human teacher
    ○ Individual learning plan
    ○ Faster identification of learning disabilities
    ○ Generate tests and assignments
    ○ Natural language processing (NLP)
  • ML in Healthcare
    ○ Diagnosis, prescription, treatment, and medical procedures
    ○ Process, analyze, and compare data for faster diagnoses
    ○ Compare symptoms and genetic details determining the probability of diagnoses
    ○ Identify individuals at greater risk of developing diseases and illnesses based on genetic background, lifestyle, and other big data available to the “doctor-bots”
    ○ Virtual doctor-on-call
  • ML in Advertising and Marketing
    ○ Optimization of bids` choice for Ads
    ○ Adjustment of budgets and bids depending on the behavior of competitors
    ○ Intelligent chatbots to communicate and assist customers 24/7
    ○ Incredible data-backed insights and customer profiles
  • ML in Transportation
    ○ Self-driving and smart cars
    ○ Collision avoidance system
    ○ Biometric vehicle access and start
    ○ Active health monitoring
    ○ Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)