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Hotspot Shield is an ultimate internet companion, providing the fastest VPN service for streaming, gaming, and more. With military-grade encryption, it ensures your online activities remain private and secure. Hotspot Shield allows accessing to global content, including your favourite movies and shows on Netflix, YouTube, Prime, Disney+, and more, at blazing-fast speeds. It doesn't log any user data, shielding user identity from hackers and cyber predators. With servers across 80+ countries and 35+ cities, it optimizes VPN for gaming, streaming, downloading, and P2P. One account secures up to 5 devices, including laptops, phones, and TVs, across major platforms. Trusted by millions, Hotspot Shield is the go-to VPN for privacy and security.

About us

At 4xxi, we're a tight-knit small team of seasoned professionals, blending over 10+ years of collective experience in software development with wide expertise in business operations across FinTech, AI/ML, and other.