Project EmanuelAYCE

Transforming Law School Study

LegalTech EdTech Content Platform StartUp

EmanuelAYCE is a comprehensive web and mobile app. Designed specifically for law school students, this app offers a subscription-based model, granting instant access to invaluable resources such as Emanuel Outlines, CrunchTimes, and Casenotes. Delve into the wealth of features available, including interactive quizzes, flashcards, and robust text management capabilities. An integral component of this groundbreaking solution is the AI tutor, meticulously crafted to review student responses, provide insightful suggestions, pinpoint errors, and guide them towards accurate answers. Seamlessly integrating question-answering capabilities, this AI tutor utilizes our vast content repository to deliver comprehensive support. Explore the extraordinary capabilities of EmanuelAYCE, redefining the educational landscape for aspiring law school students.

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