Career growth and learning

4xxi emphasises continuous team development through competence matrices
Regular reviews of matrices to guide and track optimal progress
Team empowerment via learning opportunities such as courses and in-house workshops
Offering a variety of programs: Workshops, Mentor Help, and Online Courses
Participation in events like conferences and Hackathon Challenges
Career growth and learning

Work-life balance

Firm belief in the direct relationship between team happiness and productivity
Offering flexible work schedules catering to individual needs and preferences
Provision of remote work options
Cultivation of a culture emphasising productivity and personal well-being
Regular well-being assessments and supportive initiatives for mental health
Steadfast commitment to holistic well-being of each team member
Work-life balance

Social impact

Strong advocates for open-source initiatives to foster community growth and knowledge sharing.
Active mentors for budding startups aligned with our values.
Creating a warm community where innovative ideas are nurtured and responsible innovation is encouraged.
Committed to facilitating a friendly atmosphere focused on making a simple, positive difference.
Social impact

Environmental sustainability

Passion for GreenTech and environmental causes
Development of electric car solutions and EV chargers
Commitment to eco-friendly practices in operations
Continuous innovation and support in sustainable technology
Seeking opportunities to contribute further to environmental sustainability
Environmental sustainability

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their background
Team members from all over the world valued and respected
Fair treatment and respect for all employees
Hiring based on skills and talents, not background or identity
Equal opportunities regardless of race, religion, or gender
Respect for the cultures of other countries when interacting with clients
Diversity, equity, and inclusion